Connection Heads - OVERVIEW
by Pyromation


Connection heads provide a protected, clean area for mounting a terminal block or transmitter as part of the transition from temperature sensor assembly to lead wire.

As a full-line manufacturer, Pyromation produces its own design-patented connection heads for its temperature sensor assemblies and other applications. The product line includesincludes General Purpose (GP) aluminum, plastic, stainless steel and cast iron connection heads, with NEMA 4X ratings for indoor or outdoor use. Pyromation’s re-designed explosion proof(XP), aluminum and stainless steel connection heads are approved as individual components or as part of temperature sensing assemblies used in hazardous locations. Most of the line consists of screw-cover connection heads; however, we also carry a flip-top aluminum head for easy-access and a miniature-style connection head. Our connection heads are designed to accommodate most terminal blocks and transmitters, including DIN Form B types. Specifications, ratings and drawings for each connection head are located in the designated catalog pages (see links to pages below).

As an added benefit, Pyromation provides private brand labeling of its connection heads upon request. Connection heads are available as separate components or as a part of complete temperature sensor assemblies.