******** The Model DPI 142 Barometric Pressure Indicator is No Longer Manufactured ********   

SensorPros recommends the  "Druck PACE1001 Precision Pressure Indicator" as the replacement instrument.

DPI142 Barometric Pressure Indicator - OVERVIEW
by Druck

The GE Druck DPI 142 barometric indicator provides highly accurate readings using GE's RPT sensing technology to better than 0.01% FS over the temperature span of 10 to 40°C with superior long-term stability. It can be used as a transfer calibration standard in laboratories or as a company reference standard.

The GE Druck DPI 142 barometric indicator features digital communications to provide for easy data transfer of instrument readings to a computer.  Furthermore, the when fitted with the analog output option, enables users to set an output to be proportional to readings of pressure or altitude.


  • Pressure Ranges:  up to 50 psi absolute
  • Precision:  +/-0.01% FS
  • Long-Term Stability:  +/-0.01% FS / Year
  • Programmable Analog Output (Optional)
  • RS232 & GPIB (IEEE 488) Interfaces
  • Altitude display in meters and feet