DPI280 Series Process Digital Pressure Indicators - DESCRIPTION

DPI280 Series Process Digital Pressure Indicators - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The Druck DPI280 series digital process indicators are "smart" instruments for use with a wide range of process sensors and signal inputs. The 280 and 281models feature a low excitation voltage, in comparison to the 282 and 283 units. Software features enable the DPI280 series to be used for many different types of sensor types and measurement parameters, making these panel meters suitable for many process applications.

Other features available in different models within the DPI280 Series include up to 4 open collectors or 2 SPST alarms, peak and valley detection, dual scaling, serial communications, and password protection. Configurable functions allow detection of peak and/or valley values. Measurements can be displayed in either of two scale units, and each scale can have different formats and resolution.

Other options include an isolated serial communications interface for full access to all instrument functions and features.  These instrument configurations can be protected by a 4 digit password, and calibration data can be locked to guarantee calibration certificates.