DPI280 Series Process Digital Pressure Indicators - OVERVIEW

******** The Model DPI280 Series is No Longer Manufactured ********  

DPI280 Series Process Digital Pressure Indicators - OVERVIEW
by Druck 

SensorPros recommends the following products as possible replacements, depending on your needs:

  1. The  "Druck PACE1000 Precision Pressure Indicator" is suitable for  precision (accuracy) with options of internal or externally mounted pressure transducers.
  2. The "Electro-Numerics - Model MR0KHE - Micro Series 1/8 DIN Digital Process Meter" is suitable for an indicator with an external pressure sensor connected.  There are no options for an internally mounted pressure transducer (inside the indicator housing).


  • Voltage Input: 0.01% FS
  • Current Input: 0.02% FS
  • Pressure Input (typical): 0.1% FS (0.05% FS linearized)
  • Temperature (normal): 0.3°C
  • Display Count Range: -19999 to +209999
  • A/D Resolution: 18 bit (1 part in 200,000)