DPI610 Aeronautical Pressure Calibrator (Aircraft Leak Tester) - OVERVIEW

************ The Model DPI610 is No Longer Manufactured *************   

SensorPros recommends the  "Druck Model DPI611 Handheld Pressure Calibrator" product line as the replacement instrument.

DPI610 Aeronautical Pressure Calibrator (Aircraft Leak Tester) - OVERVIEW 
by Druck 

The DPI 610 Aeronautical version is a low cost yet flexible portable calibrator for precision leak testing of aircraft pitot static systems.


  • Altitude and airspeed leak testing
  • Altitude and airspeed switch testing
  • Pressure Range:  0 to 2 bar (60 inHg) absolute
  • Integral pressure/vacuum pump
  • Accuracy to 14ft and 0.7kts
  • Large, task oriented display
  • RS 232 communications interface