******** The Model DPI610 / 615LP  is No Longer Manufactured ********   

SensorPros recommends the  "Druck Model PACE 5000" along with the "Model CM2 Control Module, Range = 0 to 10 inches WC"  as the replacement instrument.


Low Pressure Portable Pressure Calibrator

Manufactured by Druck

The Druck DPI 610/615 LP series incorporates a precision low pressure sensor and pneumatic generation, to provide a fully self contained, portable low pressure calibrator.

The key to the simple operation of the DPI 610/615 LP is the task menu. Specific operating modes such as P-I task sets the calibrator to source pressure and measure mA, and the P-Display task allows indicator readings to be manually entered and recorded, for example, when checking devices such as Magnehelic gauges.

At low differential pressures, even connecting the device under test can induce significant pressure. To compensate for this, an “auto zero” facility is provided that uses an internal solenoid valve to equalize the differential pressure prior to zero correction.

The DPI 610 has data storage and RS232 interface. Data can be transferred directly from the 610 to a PC (into a computer) for analysis, certificate printing and archiving.

The DPI 615 simplifies field use by calculating the device under test error and the pass/fail status, and integrates with calibration management software systems, such as Intecal. The DPI 615 also has data storage and RS232 interface and has two-way communication for downloading procedures and uploading results.