DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrator- OVERVIEW

DPI 612 Flex Series Pressure Calibrator- OVERVIEW
by Druck

Three model choices to generate from 95% vacuum to 1000 bar/ 15000 psi:

  • 20 bar/300 psi in 30 seconds
  • 100 bar/1500 psi without gas bottles and regulators
  • 1000 bar/15000 psi hydraulic pressure

Flexible pressure ranging – swap the module, not the instrument:

  • Re-range for different applications and expand the system over time
  • 31 interchangeable pressure modules from 25 mbar/10 inH20 to 1000 bar/15000 psi
  • Accuracy from 0.005% FS • “Hot swap” without tools, seals or cables
  • The pressure modules are fully interchangeable between the DPI 612 Flex series and the DPI 620 Genii multifunction calibrator / communicator series.

Leak-free, field-serviceable pressure connections:

  • “Quick-to-fit” pressure adaptor/hose system requires no tools or sealing

Simple touch-screen operation:

  • Application DASHBOARD, quick TASK selection and FAVORITES storage
  • Fast, three-touch set-up for any application
  • Calculates PASS/FAIL errors, documents results and interfaces with calibration software