DPI620 Genii-IS - Intrinsically Safe Multifunction Calibrator - OVERVIEW
by Druck

Features and Benefits 

The DPI620 Genii-IS allows configuration and multi-function calibration in hazardous areas; The ATEX and IECEx certification allows the instrument to be employed globally in Zone 0 areas (FM Approval certification is coming soon). The certification also applies to the instrument’s battery pack, permitting hot swapping within hazardous locations.

The DPI620 Genii-IS covers a wide range of applications such as:

  • Instrumentation installation, commissioning, maintenance and calibration
  • Optonal Digital Interfaces:
    • HART® device configuration, trimming and calibration
    • Foundation Field Bus
    • Profibus
  • Integrates with leading calibration software solutions
  • PDA for documenting routine maintenance and viewing Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF and images
  • System measurement and monitoring
  • Indicator, recorder and controller testing
  • Process loop set up and diagnostics
  • Switch, trip and safety system testing
  • Multi-channel data logging for system testing and diagnostics