DPI620 Genii-IS Multifunction Calibrator - SOFTWARE

DPI620 Genii-IS Multifunction Calibrator - SOFTWARE
by Druck


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 FIRMWARE UPDATES for DPI620 Genii / DPI620 Genii IS


Software (firmware) Updates:

Druck releases a firmware update typically once or twice per year or as needed.  The software updates are to fix bugs discovered over time, as well as to add new features, which is detailed very clearly with each firmware update release.


  1. Follow the link:  https://www.gemeasurement.com/download-center
  2. Search by download name, "Genii"
  3. Download the zip file to a thumb drive (USB memory stick)
  4. Follow the procedure to upgrade your DPI620 Genii per the following excerpt from the user's manual:  DPI 620 Genii Manual Section - 1.13.2 Upgrading the Software  (PDF)

Updating the HART LIBRARY DLL's:

Over time new HART devices are added to the HART Foundation list of approved instruments.  Druck correspondingly puts out a HART Library software update to keep up which typically happens at least once per year.