DPM99 - Dew Point Monitor for Medical Compressed Air Systems - ACCESSORIES
by EdgeTech Instruments

EdgeTech -  Filter Kit  (Model:  FIL)
Filter kit:  includes fittings and additional elements; rated for 0.1 micron particulate



EdgeTech - Extra Filters  (Model:  DX)
Additional box of filter elements, quantity 3.

Edgetech - Vacuum Pump Sample Module  (P/N:  SMU)

Used to regulate the flow of gas between 0.5 to 5.0 SCFH (0.25 to 2.4 l/min) across chilled mirror sensors.  115/ 230 VAC powered.  Includes On/Off switch, controlled.


EdgeTech - Transport Case (Model:  CASE1630)
Rugged Transport Case with foam padding.