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Druck - DPS5000 - Digital Pressure Sensing Platform - ACCESSORIES
Manufactured by:  Druck

Please consider these optional accessories.

Druck - Sensor Termination Enclosure  (P/N: 202-034-05)
Simple field termination for vented gauge pressure transducers and transmitters.
Prevents water damage caused by moisture or high humidity from forming inside vented gauge pressure sensors.
Dri-Can Indicating Desiccator  (P/N: 600-914)
Replacement desiccant for use inside the Sensor Termination Enclosure (P/N:  202-034-05). 
   Druck - PTX Cable Clamp  (P/N: 192-373-01)
GE Druck PTX Cable Clamp.
Druck - Sinkweights for 25 mm Diameter Sensors (P/N: 222-117-01 and DA4068-1-01)
Sinkweights for GE Druck Submersible Pressure Sensors that have 25 mm (1inch) Diameter.  Two types available.

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GE Druck - Calibration Adaptors for 25 mm (1") Diameter Submersible Pressure Sensors:

 G1/4-Male to G1/8-Male (DA2536-1-01)   &   G1/4-Male to 1/8" NPT-Male (DA2536-2-01)

One side of the adaptor is G1/4-Male, which screws into the "PW" pressure port (G1/4-Female) typically used for submersible depth/level applications on the UNIK5000 Series, UNIK5600/5700 Series, and TERPS Series Pressure Sensor Platforms.  The male side of the adaptor is either G1/8-Male (DA2536-1-01) or 1/8" NPT-Male (DA2536-2-01).