History of Druck

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 Established in 1972 in the UK, Druck specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance pressure sensors for a wide range of industries and applications, using proven micro-machined silicon and related technologies.

In 2002 Druck was acquired by GE Sensing which is a part of GE Measurement & Control Solutions ( www.gemeasurement.com ) which is an affiliate business of General Electric. Its worldwide headquarters is located in Billerica, Massachusetts. Druck's primary manufacturing plant is in the UK and has manufacturing facilities in the USA and China.

In late 2016 GE acquired majority ownership in Baker Hughes, and subsequently, Druck became a part of Baker Hughes (BHGE). In early 2019 as GE divests itself of its Baker Hughes ownership, BHGE has rebranded GE Druck as its legacy namesake, "Druck."

Druck has its own comprehensive and technologically advanced silicon processing facility, with a brand new state-of-the-art semiconductor fab completed in 2015. It is one of only a few companies worldwide converting raw silicon into finished products, using techniques such as advanced micro-machining, ensuring high sensor performance.

Multi-disciplined engineering teams are experienced in the use of hybrids, ASICs, microprocessors, and surface mount technology. Together with packaging design and other facets of engineering, Druck provides a complete solution for the world of pressure measurement.

Druck’s pressure sensor products measure pressures from less than 0.015 psi to 15,000 psi range. They include a broad range of sensors that include relatively low-cost OEM devices, very low draft range differential pressure sensors, highly configurable industrial sensors and very high accuracy resonant sensors.

Druck’s range of pressure instrumentation extends from basic handhelds to portable field calibrators coupled with supporting software, to some of the most accurate pressure and temperature calibrators in the world.

What is a Druck Channel Partner?

Druck maintains a network of Manufacturers Representatives that are authorized to market their products in a particular area, referred to as Druck Local Channel Partners. They are entirely committed to serving their customers on behalf of Druck:

Channel Partners work closely with Druck Outside Application Engineers visiting customers in their locally assigned territories.

Channel Partners visit customers while performing product presentations, product demos, lunch and learn seminars, training sessions and more.

Channel Partners are entirely focused on the Druck product line and do not have other competing product lines to distract them; in fact, they are under contract to only sell Druck products in their area and are not allowed to sell any competing product lines.

Channel Partners offer calibration service support as well as quotations from  Druck's world class NAVLAP accredited calibration lab.