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DRUCK - 1800 Series Submersible Pressure Sensor Platform - DOCUMENTATION

Manufactured by Druck

Spec Sheets

There are no individual product data sheets for the PTX1830, PTX1835, PTX1840 and PTX1845.  All of the models are combined into one main data sheet for the 1800 Series.

GE Druck 1800 Series Submersible Pressure Sensor Datasheet  PDF


Summary Brochure
GE Druck Depth & Level Summary Brochure  PDF 

Installation Guide
GE Druck PTX1830 Installation Instructions  PDF  

Pressure / Level Application Guide
(Needs to be revised with current products, but it contains much good fundamental application information for applying submersible depth/level pressure sensors) 

GE Druck Pressure-Level Application Guide  PDF