by Druck

Druck - P/N: IO-RTD-PRB150 RTD Probe

Druck -  RTD Probe (P/N:  IO-RTD-PRB150)

  • RTD Probe Type:  PT100, Class A
  • RTD Probe Length: 150 mm (Stainless Steel Sheath)
Druck - Field Wireable M12 Connector

Druck - Field Wireable M12 Connector (P/N: IO-RTD-M12CON) 

  • Allows you to connect your own RTD Probe to an M12 Connector 4-pin
  • Plugs into the RTD-INTERFACE-485 or RTD-INTERFACE-IS
  • Wireable in the field
Druck - M12M to M12F Lead

Druck - Extension Cable for RTD Probe (P/N: IO-RTD-M12EXT)

Extension Cable for extending the RTD Probe away from the RTD Interface body.  One end connects to the RTD Interface, the other to the RTD probe.

  • Length:  6.5 feet
  • 4-wire cable
  • Connectors (M12-Male and M12-Female)