635 Handheld Hygrometer for Compressed Air Systems - ACCESSORIES
by Edgetech Instruments

Please consider the following optional accessories:

EdgeTech - Calibration Kit  (P/N:  -RH 0660)
Calibration Salt Solutions Kit: for checking RH probe performance, 11.3% and 75.3% RH, with adapter for humidity probe.  


EdgeTech - (0191) Wireless Handle for Plug in Probe Head (P/N:  -WPH)
Mates to wireless probe head (Model: -WM).
Plug-in RH Probe (Model: -WHO) attaches to it.


EdgeTech - (0190) Wireless Module  (P/N:  -WM)
Wireless module which fits inside the Model 635, and works with Probe Head (Model: -WPH) to connect the RH plug-in probe (Model: -WHO) wirelessly to the Model 635 Handheld Hygrometer.
EdgeTech - (9736) Plug-in Humidity Probe Head
for Wireless Handle (P/N:  -WHO)

Plugs into the Model 635 Handheld Hygrometer or into the Wireless Handle (Model: -WPH).