635 Handheld Hygrometer for Compressed Air Systems - CONFIGURATION OPTIONS

635 Handheld Hygrometer for Compressed Air Systems - CONFIGURATION OPTIONS
by Edgetech Instruments


EdgeTech - 9735 Duct Humidity/Temperature Probe (Model:  -DHTP)
9735 Duct Humidity/temperature probe, accuracy ±2 %RH (+2 to +98 %RH) RH 0-100%, (Temperature range -4 to 158F)


EdgeTech - 2161 RH Probe (Model:  -2%)

2161 Robust humidity probe for meas. up to +125 °C, short-term up to +140 °C, e.g. exhaust ducts.In addition, a material equilibrium moisture content measurement can be carried out. To do this, the function for calculating the H2O content must be activated on the measuring instrument and the material of the object being measured must be set (anhydrite flowing screed, cement flowing screed, lime sand brick, concrete, high-insulation brick, solid brick, hard wood, soft wood, aerated concrete and particle board).

EdgeTech - 9835 Pressure Dew Point Probe  (Model:  -TPD)

Pressure dew point probe for measurements in compressed air systems, probe length 300 mm, -22 to 122°F / -30 to +50°C tpd, 0 to +100 %RH, fixed cable.

TPD (Pressure Dew Point) is the temperature at which compressed air reaches the saturation state (100% RH). This value is an important criteria for the perfect running of the compressed air plant. This probe is connected to a compressed air system via a standard plug-in connector or via a screw-on adaptor for measurements at test points. The sensor is positioned in the flow of compressed air being measured, for the duration of the measurement. The probes can be used, without a measuring chamber. The large display enables the display of the relative humidity or the dew point with the temperature.


EdgeTech - Precision Pressure Dew Point Probe  (Model:  -HPDP)
Precision HPD pressure dew point probe for measurements in compressed air systems, -60 to +50 °C tpd, 0 to +100 %RH, certificate of conformance with test point - 40°C tpd, fixed cable

Check compressed air lines reliably: the precision pressure dew point probe with measuring chamber is ideally suited for fast and accurate determination of the pressure dew point and for high-precision measurements in the trace humidity range. Connection to the compressed air system via standard plug-in connection.