645 Two Channel Hygrometer Indicator / Logger - ACCESSORIES

645 Two Channel Hygrometer Indicator / Logger - ACCESSORIES 
by Edgetech Instruments

Please consider the following optional accessories:

EdgeTech - Calibration Kit  (P/N:  -RH 0660)
Calibration Salt Solutions Kit: for checking RH probe performance, 11.3% and 75.3% RH, with adapter for humidity probe.  


EdgeTech - Probe Connection Cable  (P/N:  -0143)
Connects all of the Model 645's RH Probes to the Handset Model 645 Instrument.
  EdgeTech - Recharger with Rechargeable Batteries (P/N:  -NiMH)
The recharger includes 4 NiMH rechargeable batteries, used with the Model 645.
EdgeTech - RS232 Cable  (P/N:  -RS232)
Data transfer RS232 cable for the Model 645.