DewTrak II MO - Dew Point & Humidity Transmitter for Octane - CONFIGURE OPTIONS
by EdgeTech Instruments

Sensor/ Sampling Configuration Options

  • All versions feature the D-Series probe type, chilled mirror sensor
  • The D-probe may be mounted at the transmitter (Duct mount) or mounted (remote) tethered on a signal cable.
  • All DewTrak/MO units feature an IP65 Plastic enclosure. With the Duct Mount, the control module goes directly onto DUCT and with the Remote sensor version, the control module is wall mounted via (4) mounting holes.
  • Base models include the manifold adaptor kit. Spare adapter kits may be ordered if you want to share the Dewtrak MO on several engines. In this case, the manifold plug is inserted on engine ducts that are not currently under analysis.
  • The manifold adapter kit is held in place onto the duct via pipe clamps. A set is included with every manifold adapter.
  • Although the Duct mount is available, most USERS prefer the remote mount to avoid excess vibration on the instrument and to allow easy viewing of the display.
  • The standard model is powered by 24 VDC but an optional VAC power adapter may be added to allow the User to plug the unit into a standard VAC wall outlet.