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Application: The DPS4 is a special application chilled mirror hygrometer designed for use with higher temperature applications where pressure measurement is required. The DPS4 with pressure transducer can measure and display sample pressure at the sensor and can also be configured to display dew point in PPMv, Grains/ Lb or Grains / Kg. Applications include Furnace, Plastic Blow Molding, Heat Treat, Compressed Air Systems (before after cooler), engine exhaust, Nuclear fuel rod processing, and fluidized beds.

Description: The Model DPS4 is a High Temperature Heated Dew Point System consisting of a heated sampling package plus a separate analyzer control module. The DPS4 measures the dew point and pressure of heated sample gas. It also includes automatic pressure measurement of the sample pressure at the sensor, displays the pressure value, and displays dew point in C or F plus a secondary display in PPMv. The analyzer control module is housed within a IP65 Plastic enclosure and is isolated from the heated DPS4 sampling enclosure (NEMA 4). The heated sampling package is provided with temperature control and is adjustable at the temperature control module located on the electronics package enclosure door. The temperature controller ensures the sampled gas remains hot to prevent condensation during measurement. The standard system features the HTS2 sensor with aluminum body and is designed with capability to measure high dew points up to 95°C / 203°F. An optional HTX3 chemically resistant chilled mirror sensor is available for measurement in aggressive chemical background gasses.