Model EHD & BHD Precision Humidity & Temperature Chambers - DESCRIPTION

Model EHD & BHD Precision Humidity & Temperature Chambers - DESCRIPTION 
by EdgeTech Instruments

The Edgetech Instruments Model ELH Series is a series of precision humidity chambers, with NIST traceable accuracies in humidity (±0.5% typical), temperature (±0.1°C) and dew point (±0.2°C).  The ELH Series consists of a programmable controller for constant precision control and uniformity, as well as an integrated DewMaster chilled mirror hygrometer for accurate temperature and humidity measurements. 

The ELH Series offers three standard chamber sizes: 1.5cu.ft., 6cu.ft. and 10cu.ft.  Larger volume chambers are also available.

All chambers use an environmentally safe non-depleting refrigerant.