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OxyMaster 16TDP - Oxygen & Dew Point Analyzer - CONFIGURATION OPTIONS
by Edgetech Instruments

Replacement Oxygen Sensor for OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter, for CO2 background gas. 

EdgeTech - Micro-Fuel Cell for % Oxygen   (P/N:  MFC/PER)

Replacement Oxygen Sensor for OxyTran Oxygen Transmitter, percent oxygen ranges. 


EdgeTech - Micro-Fuel Cell for ppm Oxygen  (P/N:  MFC/PPM)
Replacement Oxygen Sensor for OxyTran Oxygen Transmitter, ppm oxygen ranges. 

EdgeTech - Oxygen Micro-Fuel Cell  (P/N:  16T 303)
Micro-Fuel cell with stainless steel sample chamber and fuel cell.  Oxygen micro-fuel cell type:  ppm oxygen only. 
EdgeTech - Trace Moisture Sensor  (P/N:  PPM/S)
Includes the P2O5 Dew Point Trace Moisture Sensor with membrane (P/N: WAFER), and the  stainless steel sample chamber (P/N: SC). 
EdgeTech - Sample Chamber (P/N:  SC)
Sample Chamber, flow through, 316 stainless steel with 1/8" NPT inlet & outlet ports (included with each purchase of a PPM1 or PPM2).

EdgeTech - Spare Moisture Sensor  (P/N:  WAFER)
Consists of the following items:
1) Spare ceramic P2O5 moisture sensor element with mounting hardware (P/N: -W)
2) Membrane replacement piece (P/N: -M)
3) DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Stainless Steel flow-through Sample Chamber (P/N: SC) shown in the picture at left with the cover off.  However, items #1 and 2 fit in the center as shown in that picture.

EdgeTech - Trace Moisture Sensor Element (P/N:  W)
Ceramic water replacement P2O5 dew point moisture sensor element, includes mounting hardware. 
EdgeTech - Membrane Replacement (P/N:  M)
The membrane acts as a filter and flow regulator, used along with the P2O5 ceramic moisture dew point sensor.
EdgeTech - Control Electronics for OxyMaster  (P/N:  ANALYZER)
Control Electronics for OxyMaster, only.  No Oxygen or Dew Point Sensors included. 

EdgeTech - Vacuum Pump Sample Module  (P/N:  SMU)
Universal vacuum pump, 115/230 VAC operation. 


EdgeTech - OxyMaster Remote Sampling System Panel
Trace Oxygen and Trace Moisture sensors mounted onto an aluminum panel with flowmeter and isolation valves.

Please Note:  Picture at left shows the OxyTrans Oxygen Transmitter, however we would replace that sensor with  the OxyMaster's Oxygen and Dew Point Sensors in series, removing the OxyTran sensor.  The Sampling Panel would remain the same. 


EdgeTech - Stainless Steel Sintered Filter  (P/N:  SFIL)
Stainless steel sintered filter, 30 microns with fittings.

EdgeTech - Shipping Case for OxyMaster  (P/N:  CASEM3075)
Rugged shipping case for transportation of OxyMaster and sensors.