MOP301 - Insertion Moisture in Oil Probe with Modbus RTU - DESCRIPTION

MOP301 - Insertion Moisture in Oil Probe with Modbus RTU - DESCRIPTION   
by E+E Elektronik

The MOP301 insertion probe accurately measures water activity (aw) and temperature (T) in lubrication, hydraulic and insulation oil. In addition, it calculates the absolute water content of the oil (x) in ppm.  The slide fitting allows for easy installation and removal under pressure up to 20 bar.

Precise and reliable measurement of oil moisture 
The E+E humidity sensor elements used in the MOP301 are characterised by particularly good long-term stability and resistance to contamination. They are the basis for the high accuracy and reliability of moisture and temperature measurement. 

Versatile in Use
Mechanically, the MOP301 impresses with a robust stainless steel housing with protection class IP66, an oil-resistant cable and a moulded M12x1 plug connection. It can be used in a temperature range from -40 to 120 °C and up to 20 bar pressure.

Different probe and cable lengths, as well as the slim design, allow for a particularly flexible installation of the MOP301. Thanks to the practical process connection with ISO or NPT thread, the immersion depth can be set precisely. With the aid of an optional ball valve, the sensor can be installed and removed without interrupting the process. 

Measured values and interfaces  
The MOP301 provides the moisture content of the oil as an absolute or relative value. The water activity (aw) provides information about how close the oil is to the saturation point at a certain temperature. The water content (x) indicates in absolute terms the moisture level, expressed as water content (x) in ppm, representing mg water / kg oil. Based on the measured water activity (aw) and temperature, the MOP301 calculates the absolute water content (x) in ppm.

The oil-specific parameters required for the calculation can be pre-configured when ordering, or can be stored with the help of the PCS10 Product Configuration Software.