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E+E - EE060 Humidity & Temperature Probe with Voltage Output - ACCESSORIES
Please consider these optional accessories.

E+E Elektronik- Protection cap for Ø12 mm  Probes (HA010783)

Sensing head protection during site cleaning or sterilization.

Fits all sensing probes with diameter of Ø12 mm (0.47“).

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E+E Elektronik - HA010502 Radiation Shield

Radiation Shield with clamping ring.


E+E Elektronik - HA010503 Drip Water Cap

Used on the following products (suitable for all sensor probes with Ø12mm (0.47“)):

  • EE060 / EE61
  • Series EE23/31/33


  • Screw connection for probe fixation Ø85 mm (3.35“)

E+E Elektronik - HA010202  Plastic Mounting Flange Light Grey

  • Plastic mounting flange 12mm

E+E Elektronik - HA010214  Plastic Mounting Flange (Black)

  • Plastic mounting flange 12mm
E+E Elektronik - Wall Mounting Clip for Probes Ø12mm (HA010211)
E+E Elektronik - HA010211 Wall Mounting Clip
Used on all probes with Ø12mm (0.47“).
E+E Elektronik - HA010705 Flange Coupling, 5 pins
E+E Elektronik - HA010707 Mating Plug, 4 pins