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Calibration intervals for E+E Elektronik humidity and temperature sensor products is once per year. 

SensorPros recommends the calibration equipment listed in the table below for following E+E product collections:

However, the calibration of your E+E Elektronik Relative Humidity Sensors depends on the application, and accuracy of the sensor model you have. Contact SensorPros with any questions you might have about this.

Calibration Method #1:  

Programmable, Portable RH Calibrators

Model: RH-CAL - Portable Calibrator - %RH, Dew Point, Temperature
by Edgetech Instruments


  • Edgetech field proven Optical Chilled Mirror (OCM) technology
  • Completely self-sufficient and portable humidity calibration system
  • Highest accuracy available for both Relative Humidity (RH) and Ambient Temperature (AT):
    • RH Accuracy: ± 0.5%  over RH Range: 5% to 95%
    • AT Accuracy: ± 0.2°C   over AT Range: 10°C to 50°C
  • The test chamber is temperature and RH controlled independently
  • Accepts standard port sizes for RH probes: 10, 12, 18 mm, 1/2, and 3/4 inch diameter.
  • Automatic correction for mirror contaminants
  • Certified measurements against NIST traceable standards
  • Excellent software is available to automate your calibration process

Model:  HUMOR 20 - High-precision Humidity Calibrator
by E+E Elektronik


  • Highest accuracy reference device (0.3 - 0.9% RH)
  • Fundamental dual pressure reactor principle
  • Range:  10...95% RH
  • Independent from the ambient temperature
  • Very fast stabilization time:  < 3 min/measuring point
  • Automatic multiple point calibration cycles
  • Portable
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Calibration Method #2:
Single Point Salt Solutions - Calibration Method

The E+E Elektronik humidity standards shown below are salt solution based. By placing them inside the "HA101401 Calibration Device", and then subsequently inserting your relative humidity probe you can perform calibrations. Because they are single range calibration standards, for multipoint calibrations you would need to change out the salt solution for that standard value and put in the next one. Or you can purchase several HA101401's and fill each one with a particular RH standard value. This method of calibration is time-consuming and requires each calibration to stabilize which can take up to 1/2 hour or more for each calibration point. If you have the time, using the salt solutions is a cost-effective method from the capital investment point of view, but becomes less attractive when considering the labor cost. It just takes a long time to perform multi-point relative humidity calibrations.

What calibration standard points (values) you choose to use are up to what your measuring range is.

E+E Elektronik - HA010401 Calibration Device

The salt solution for that percent RH value is placed inside the device, then the probe is inserted that is to be calibrated.

E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standards 10% RH (HA010410)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standards 20% RH (HA010420)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standards 35% RH (HA010435)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standard 50% RH (HA010450)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standard 65% RH (HA010465)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standard 80% RH (HA010480)
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Standard 90% RH (HA010490)