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Humidity and Temperature Probe Black Filter Caps for EE060 and EE061 (12mm Diamter Probes) - FILTER CAPS

Manufactured by:  E+E Elektronik

For a particular application, the right choice of filter cap is essential for your measurement and assures the best results for long term performance. 

Upon initial purchase of your particular relative humidity/temperature probe, you will be able to select the filter along with the probe together.  To purchase a filter cap separately, the following table below is a complete list for you so you can do that.  It might be a good idea in some cases to have spare filters on hand, or you might need a replacement filter. Whatever the reason, select the one you want and add to your cart for purchase!

E+E Elektronik - Black Membrane Filter Cap for 12 mm Probes (HA010118)

Similar to HA010101 except in the color is black.


  • Building automation
  • Dusty environment
  • Temperature range (-40 to 80°C)

E+E Elektronik - Black Metal Grid Filter Cap for 12 mm Probes (P/N: HA010119)

Similar to HA010106 except the color is black.


  • Climate Control
  • Dryers and humidifiers
  • HVAC
  • Temperature range (-40 to 120°C)