EE1900 Humidity Sensor Module for OEM Applications - ACCESSORIES

EE1900 Humidity Sensor Module for OEM Applications - ACCESSORIES
by E+E Elektronik


Please consider these optional accessories:

E+E Elektronik - Mounting Flange (P/N: HA010201)

E+E Elektronik - USB Adapter Cable (P/N:  HA011017)

For test and configuration with a PC, used with EE1900/EE1950


E+E Elektronik - Stainless Steel Wall Mounting Clip Ø12 mm  (P/N: HA010225)
Used on all probes with Ø12mm (0.47“)


E+E Elektronik- Protection cap for Ø12 mm  Probes (P/N:  HA010783)

Sensing head protection during site cleaning or sterilization

Fits all sensing probes with diameter of Ø12 mm (0.47“)