EE23 - Humidity and Temperature Transmitter (High Accuracy) - OVERVIEW
by E+E Elektronik

Key Features

  • Sensor Probe Types Available:
    • EE23-T1 (Wall mounted probe, polycarbonate, -40 to 140F /60C)
    • EE23-T2 (Duct mounted probe, stainless steel, -40 to 176F /80C)
    • EE23-T4 (Remote probe, stainless steel, -40 to 248F /120C])
    • EE23-T5 (Remote probe, stainless steel, -40 to 356F /180C)
    • EE23-T6 (Remote miniature probe, stainless steel, -40 to 176F /80C)
  • Accuracy Relative Humidity:  ±(1.3% + 0.3% Reading) RH over -15...40C
  • Accuracy Temperature:  @20C (±0.2 °C (±0.36 °F))
  • Measurands: humidity (RH), temperature (T), dew point (Td), frost point (Tf)
  • Rugged enclosure in polycarbonate or aluminum
  • Flexible enclosure concept for easy mounting and unit exchange
  • Two analog or alarm outputs
  • Wall, duct, remote probe and miniature remote probe types available
  • Wide choice of filter caps according to application
  • Optional connector for power supply and outputs
  • Optional LCD display
  • Optional integrated power supply
  • Optional sensor coating for polluted environments
  • Easy field adjustment by the user

Typical Applications

  • High-end HVAC climate and test chambers
  • Process technology
  • Dryers clean rooms
  • Greenhouses
  • Storage rooms
  • Meteorology