EE33 Humidity/Temperature Transmitter for High Humidity/Chemical Applications - ACCESSORIES
by E+E Elektronik

Please consider these optional accessories.

E+E Elektronik -  Display and Cover for EE23 (D03M)

E+E Elektronik - Display and Cover for EE33 or EE23 (P/N:  D05M)
Choice of polycarbonate plastic (D05P) or metal (D05M)


E+E Elektronik - RS232 Interface Cable for PCB  (P/N: HA010304)
Interface cable for PCB connection on the EE33.


E+E Elektronik - RS232 Interface Cable with Connector C06  (P/N: HA010311)
RS232 interface cable for the EE33 plug option C06.

  E+E Elektronik - Mounting Flange  (P/N:  HA010201)
Stainless steel mounting flange 12 mm.
E+E Elektronik - Mounting Flange (P/N: HA010207)
For use on the EE33-MFTJ (temperature probe)
E+E Elektronik - Conduit Adaptor, Stainless Steel (P/N: HA011101)
Adapter M16x1,5 to 1/2" NPT
E+E Elektronik - Drip Water Protection  (P/N:  HA010503)
Drip water protection.  Protection cap Ø85 mm (3.35“), fixing onto the sensing probe by cable gland.  Fits all sensing probes with Ø12mm (0.47“) diameter.
E+E Elektronik - Humidity Calibration Kit (P/N: HA010400-HA011595)
Transmitter for online monitoring of moisture in industrial oils and diesel fuel. The remote probe can be easily installed and removed with the optional ball valve.
Starting at $87.00

E+E Elektronik - Pressure Tight Feedthrough Probe Connectors (P/N's:  HA011102, 3, 4, 5)
For probes with Ø12 mm (0.47“) and Ø6 mm (0.24“).  Probe assembly up to 20 bar (300 psi).

Starting at:  $144.00
E+E Elektronik - Radiation Shield (P/N:  HA010502)
Radiation shield for EE33 RH probe.
E+E Elektronik - Radiation Shield  (P/N:  HA010506)
Radiation shield for EE33 T-Probe.