EE33 Humidity/Temperature Transmitter for High Humidity/Chemical Applications - OVERVIEW
by E+E Elektronik

Key features

  • 0 to 100% RH range
  • -40 to 356°F (-40 to 180°C) temp range
  • Probes work up to 1450 psi (100 bar)
  • Short response time (less than 15 seconds)
  • Fast recovery after condensing conditions
  • Highest measurement accuracy with monolithic humidity sensor
  • Condensation prevention with dual heating system (sensor and probe heating)
  • Precise measurement at permanent high humidity
  • Outstanding temperature compensation
  • Sensor protection against pollution and corrosion
  • Probes compatible with modern, ventilated radiation shields
  • Analogue current and voltage outputs configurable by the user
  • Optional RS-485 and standard RS-232 interface
  • Additional physical quantities calculated

Typical applications

  • pharmaceutical and food industry
  • driers for ceramics, wood, concrete, polyester etc.
  • greenhouses, mushroom farms
  • high-humidity storage rooms
  • climate, test and curing chambers
  • meteorology