EE355 Dew Point Sensor / Transmitter - DESCRIPTION
by E+E Elektronik

The compact EE355 dew point transmitter is ideal for applications in compressed air systems, plastic dryers, and industrial drying processes, with exceptional performance for the price. It has a measuring range down to -60 °C (-76 °F) Td, and an integrated auto-calibration procedure leads to an accuracy of ±2 °C (±3.6 °F) Td. The measured values for dew point, frost point, or ppm volume concentration are available on an analog 4-20 mA and a digital Modbus RTU output, both of which are standard features on the EE355.

With an optional Modbus to USB converter and the free EE-PCS configuration software, the user can adjust the dew point transmitter, set the Modbus parameters, and change the analog output scaling.