EE610 Low Differential Pressure Sensor - DESCRIPTION

EE610 Low Differential Pressure Sensor - DESCRIPTION 
by E+E Elektronik

Pressure Range and Accuracy:

  • Selectable measuring ranges of ± 25 / ± 50 / ± 100 Pa and 0...100 Pa
  • Accuracy:  ± 0.5 Pa accuracy over the entire measurement range
  • Great long-term stability:  Piezo-resistive no-flow-through pressure sensing element excludes the risk of cross-contamination

Analog and Digital Output
Measured data available on analog voltage and current outputs or on the RS485 interface with Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP protocol

Functional and Robust
IP65 / NEMA 4 enclosure facilitates easy mounting and minimizes installation costs. External mounting holes allow installation with closed cover.

Configurable and Adjustable
The set-up and adjustment can be easily performed with DIP-switches and push buttons on the electronics board (EE610 with analogue outputs) or with an optional adapter and the free EE-PCS configuration software (EE610 with RS485 interface). Set-up includes bi-directional or uni-directional pressure range, output signal, response time, display units and backlight. A zero and span point adjustment can be easily performed with push buttons on the electronics board.