EE741 Modular, compact in-line flow meter - ACCESSORIES 
by E+E Elektronik

It is essential that you mate your EE741 Flowmeter with the proper gauge mounting block.  Please follow the link below to configure your model.  Contact SensorPros if you have any questions about which one to choose for your application, we are here to help.

E+E Elektronik - Gauge Mounting Block for EE741 Flowmeter

Available in Aluminum, 316L Stainless Steel, and a 316L SS version that is de-greased and cleaned for Oxygen service. Choose the proper pipe size to match your model, and either BSP or NPT threading.
Starting at:
E+E Elektronik - Inlet and Outlet pipe section DN15 BSP thread (P/N: HA070215-250)
E+E Elektronik - Gasket set for gauge mounting block (P/N: HA074532-550)

E+E Elektronik - Cable M12x1 female, angles 90°, 4 poles (P/N: HA010824)

2 meters