EE800 CO2, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter - DESCRIPTION

EE800 CO2, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter - DESCRIPTION 
by E+E Elektronik

EE800 measures accurately CO2, temperature (T) and relative humidity (RH) in HVAC applications. Additionally, it calculates the dewpoint temperature (Td).

The E+E dual wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor compensates for aging effects, is highly insensitive to pollution and offers outstanding long-term stability. A multiple point CO2 and T factory adjustment leads to excellent CO2 measurement accuracy over the entire T working range.

EE800, along with analog outputs, features an optional passive T sensor, while EE800 with a digital interface (Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP) calculates additional physical quantities: absolute humidity, mixing ratio, enthalpy, frost point temperature and water vapor partial pressure.