EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter - DESCRIPTION

EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter - DESCRIPTION 
by E+E Elektronik

The modular E+E CO2 transmitter EE870 is designed for easy integration into OEM equipment for demanding applications.

The interchangeable CO2 probe incorporates the dual wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor, which compensates for aging effects, is highly insensitive to pollution and offers outstanding long-term stability. Multiple point CO2 and temperature adjustments lead to excellent measurement accuracy over the entire temperature working range, ideal for use in agriculture and outdoors.

The IP65 enclosure of probe and the replaceable filter offer excellent protection in harsh, polluted environment. With a special filter cap, the probe can be employed in applications with periodical H2O2 sterilization. The compact size, the M12 connector and the optional mounting flange allow for fast probe installation, replacement or removal during the cleaning of the site.  An optional kit facilitates easy configuration and adjustment of the probe.

The measured data range of up to 5 % CO2 (50,000 ppm) is available on the analog outputs of the conversion board.  Several voltage and current ranges can be selected with jumpers. Additionally, the data is available on the Modbus RTU interface, which can be configured by the user with DIP switches on the board.