EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter - OVERVIEW

******** The Model EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter  is No Longer Manufactured ********   

SensorPros recommends the  "EE872 Modular 4 in 1 Probe for CO2, RH, Temperature & Pressure"  product line as the replacement sensor.

EE870 Modular CO2 Transmitter - OVERVIEW 
by E+E Elektronik

Key Features:

  • Measuring range up to 5% CO2 (50,000 ppm)
  • Dual wavelength (non-dispersive infrared technology) NDIR
  • Interchangeable CO2 probe
  • IP65 enclosure
  • High accuracy
  • Cable lengths: up to 32ft (10m)
  • User selectable outputs
  • Replaceable PTFE filter