HTP201 Humidity & Temperature Probe with Analog Outputs - DESCRIPTION

HTP201 Humidity & Temperature Probe with Analog Outputs -  DESCRIPTION
by E+E Elektronik

With its outstanding price-performance ratio, HTP201 is the perfect solution for cost-effective and reliable measurement of relative humidity (RH) and temperature (T) in various industries.

Outstanding Measurement Performance with Patented Sensor Technology

The E+E RH / T sensing element with proprietary protection and sealed solder pads ensure excellent long-term performance of the HTP201 over the entire working range and even in dusty and dirty environments. Innovative PCB design inside the probe reduces self-heating issues.

Versatility and Robustness

The combination of wholly encapsulated electronics and an excellent long-term stable E+E RH / T sensing element provides excellent protection against external influences. Its IP65 stainless steel or polycarbonate enclosure and integrated cable or a threaded connector make it a versatile probe, tackling even challenging applications.

Analog Outputs

The RH and T measured data is available on two analog outputs for voltage (0 - 1 V, 0 - 5 V, or 0 - 10 V) or current (4 - 20 mA). In addition, the HTP201 has a passive T output (4-wire), a wide temperature, and a supply voltage range, making it a universally applicable probe.