HUMOR 20 High-Precision Humidity Calibrator - ACCESSORIES

HUMOR 20 High-Precision Humidity Calibrator - ACCESSORIES
by E+E Elektronik

Please consider these optional accessories:

E+E Elektronik - Oil-free Compressor for 230 V power supply  (P/N: HA020101)

  • Works with the HUMOR20, providing the pressure compression needed to make the HUMOR20 operate.

E+E Elektronik - USB <=> RS232 Converter (P/N: HA020110)

  • High speed converter from RS232 DB9 (male) to USB

E+E Elektronik - Face Pin Wrench Adjustable  (P/N: HA020402)

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E+E Elektronik - Automatic Calibration Module  (P/N:  HA020301)

  • For the fully automatic measurement of the characteristics of a transmitter