Micro Series 1/8 DIN Digital Process Meter - OVERVIEW

Micro Series 1/8 DIN Digital Process Meter  - OVERVIEW
by Electro-Numerics

The Micro-P (0.56" digit height) and Mighty-1 (1digit height) panel meters are state-of-the-art instruments for a wide range of monitoring and control applications. By simple front panel push-button set-up, these displays can indicate DC voltage or current, true RMS voltage or current, strain gauges, process signals, RTD & thermocouple temperature, as well as load cells. Input signals may be directly displayed as voltage, current or temperature, or scaled to a full five digits from 0 to 99,999 to read directly in engineering units, such as ft-lbs, rpm, psi, etc. Three calibration methods are provided, allowing these units to be connected directly to a transducer and scaled automatically, or set-up by known values entered through the front panel push-buttons. No calibration equipment is required when changing ranges; all standard ranges are digitally pre-calibrated at the factory.

The Micro Series 1/8 DIN, Digital Process Meter can be used as a digital indicator with various options, depending on sensor type, and can be used as an accessory with the following products :

  • Druck PTX/PDCR 1840 Level Pressure Sensors
  • Druck PTX1830, PTX1835, PDCR1830 Submersible Pressure Sensors
  • Druck UNIK5000 Pressure Sensing Platform
  • Druck UNIK5600/5700/5800/5900 Pressure Sensing Platforms