MPS 64 Druck Multi Pressure Scanner - DESCRIPTION
by Druck


The MPS 64 automatically measures and processes the data and performs continuous self-checking.

The unit is contained in a metal case, which protects against temperature, vibration and EMC. Fixtures at each end of the Multi-Pressure System allow attachment of the unit to the mechanical frame.  

An electrical connector is the interface for the connection of the RS 232 and Arinc 429 data systems, the power supply and self-checking status signals. Special micro-bore pipes from the aircraft systems fi t over the protruding pressure connectors. 

The MPSP 64 comprises a printed circuit board, pressure scanner unit with motorized valve and heaters assembled in an enclosure.

Operating Modes

The unit receives 3 input signals that change the mode of the unit.

• Blowing mode: where dry air is blown through the 64 Pressure ports to clean the pressure circuits.

• Measure Mode: where the 64 pressure ports to the corresponding pressure sensor. The analogue measures are then digitalized and send through the ARINC 429 bus.

• Calibration mode: where the zero of each transducer is measured and the results are stored in the memory.