Free Chlorine Pocket Photometer (P/N 10472) - REAGENT

Free Chlorine Pocket Photometer (P/N 10472) - REAGENT
by HF Scientific


Accessory Description


HF Scientific - DPD Powder Pops

HF Scientific - DPD Powder Pops® for Chlorine Testing
DPD Powder Pops® are individually packaged doses of reagent used to deliver a measured amount of DPD Reagent to a 5, 10 or 25ml testing sample. Packaged in 200 or 1000 count units they are a convenient way to test for chlorine in HF scientific and other manufacturer's photometers.

Starting at:  $75.73
HF Scientific - DPD Dispensor

HF Scientific - DPD Powder Pop® Dispenser for Chlorine Testing 
Portable dispenser accurately delivers the correct volume of DPD reagent for free or total chlorine.  Supplied with enough DPD powder for 100 doses or in 400 or 1000 dose multi-packs for high volume testing.

Starting at:  $24.25