MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter - ACCESSORIES

MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter - ACCESSORIES
by HF Scientific




HF Scientific - Replacement Desiccant Pouch for MTOL+  (P/N 21555R)

MTOL+ Mountig Plate Kit (P/N 28157)

HF Scientific - Mounting Plate Kit  (PN 28157)

Easy mount hardware kit for the MTOL+.


HF Scientific - Flow Through Assembly for MTOL+ (PN 24165S)

Flow Through Assembly, Nylon (does not include cuvette.)


HF Scientific - Power Cord Power Set 120/240V  (PN 20779S)

Power cord for your MTOL+ Turbimeter, allowing you to wire in power to your MTOL+ and connect to a power outlet.