MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter - DESCRIPTION

MTOL+ Online Process Turbidimeter - DESCRIPTION
by HF Scientific

Designed specifically for measuring the NTU of filtered water, re-use water, raw water, and many industrial applications, the MTOL+ features built-in ultrasonic auto-cleaning and data logging and easy set-up, maintenance, and calibration.

Housed in a polycarbonate (plastic) enclosure, the MTOL+ uses menu-driven software for ease of use.  The online turbidimeter has data logging features, stores the latest date/time of calibration, and has user-selectable ranges of 0 to 10 NTU, 0 to 100 NTU (factory default), or 0 to 1000 NTU.  The turbidimeter is Modbus compatible and has a 4-20 mA output.

The MTOL+ meets regulations for the US EPA Method 180.1 (White Light Model),  ISO 7027 (Infrared Model), and Standard Methods 2130B.  White light is recommended for use in turbidimeters reporting results under US EPA 180.1 (US standard) jurisdiction and is a Tungsten filament. Krypton gas-filled, MTOL+ has a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years.  Infrared light is recommended for turbidimeters reporting results under ISO 7027 (European standard) jurisdiction.  Infrared light is recommended for some waste water final effluent and industrial applications where color is present in the sample stream.  The process turbidimeter lamp source and detector do not come in contact with the sample, eliminating false low readings.

The sensor utilizes a rotational flow-through assembly with a 30ml measuring cuvette.  The specially designed flow-head bubble-rejection system reduces the need for a bubble trap and provides a faster response time.  The sample stream remains under pressure ensuring no exposure to open air, causing precipitation of oxidized constituents in some circumstances, resulting in false NTU readings.  The sensor allows the measurement of grab samples without stopping sample flow to the flow head.

The MTOL+ Online Turbidimeter accuracy is 2% of reading or ±0.02 (whichever is greater) from 0 to 40 NTU and 5% of reading, or ±0.02 (whichever is greater) from 40-1000 NTU.  The resolution is 0.001 NTU (user selectable).

Calibration is accomplished using the ProCal™ EPA-approved NTU calibration standards, using small volumes (30ml) of reusable primary standards, and completed without disrupting the sample flow.  The calibration details (date and time of last successful calibration) are stored on the analyzer.  Also, the calibration standards are reusable for multiple online turbidimeters.

The MTOL+ is compatible with the M100+ laboratory turbidimeter, offering a color touchscreen display and sample data logging for multiple sample IDs.   The M100+ also stores calibration NTU values and the date/time of calibration. The two units share calibration standards, eliminating the need for different calibration standards between the laboratory and process NTU. MTOL+ Ranges include 0 to 10, 0 to 100, and 0 to 1000 NTU.