In-Situ - Aqua TROLL Blue Green Algae Sensors - OVERVIEW
Manufactured by:  In-Situ

In-Situ's blue-green algae sensors help consultants and researchers measure cyanobacteria concentrations in freshwater and marine environments more accurately. In-Situ's patented Integrated Optical Compensation technology is stable at low detection limits to identify harmful algal blooms sooner. The blue-green algae sensors are compatible with the Aqua TROLL 500 and Aqua TROLL 600 multiprobes, which offer wireless Bluetooth® data collection and automated mobile app.


  • Integrated Optical Compensation: In-Situ's patented technology uses a second detector to compensate for LED drift over temperature and time, providing more accurate, stable measurements.
  • Ambient Light Rejection: External light can introduce bias in your data, but our fluorometers block external light for reliable performance in any setting.
  • Low Interference Spectral Bands: Combined chlorophyll and BGA sensors measure wide visible spectrum ranges. Our BGA sensors detect smaller ranges to reduce environmental interference.
  • Isolated Optical Frequencies: Using two or more sensors simultaneously typically creates interference among sensors. Our sensors use separate frequencies, providing a unique digital signature for each light source to minimize interference and improve accuracy.


  • Trustworthy data: Sensors designed for improved stability and accuracy while minimizing interference, even at lower detection limits.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Sensors feature internal diagnostics simplified and reduced calibration solution volumes.
  • Reduced equipment costs: Interchangeable sensors are wet-mateable, so you purchase only the sensors you need.
  • Ease of use: Sensors retain calibration data for use in In-Situ multiprobes.
  • Versatile applications: Individual BGA Sensors ensure optimal results in freshwater or saltwater conditions.