In-Situ - Aqua TROLL Blue Green Algae Sensors - OVERVIEW
by  In-Situ

The blue-green algae sensors are compatible with the Aqua TROLL 500 and Aqua Troll 600:

Phycocyanin (BGA-PC) Sensor (P/N: 0038920):  Ideal for freshwater applications such as river and lake studies.

  •  Measurement range: 0-100 RFU, 0-1000μg/LL
  •  Linearity: R2>0.999 PC standard
  •  Resolution: 0.001 RFU or 0.01 μg/L

Phycoerythrin (BGA-PE) Sensor (P/N: 0038930):  Designed for saltwater applications such as coastal and estuarine studies.

  •  Measurement range: 0-1,000 μg/L
  •  Linearity: R2>0.999 PE standard
  •  Resolution: 0.001 RFU or 0.01 μg/L