Aqua TROLL 500/600 Low-Flow Sampling Kit (P/N: 0066820) - ACCESSORIES
by In-Situ

In-Situ - Fitting Kit for Low Flow Kit  (P/N: 0093480)

Fitting Kit for Low Flow Kit.  Includes:

  • 3/8 in. barbed inlet/outlet fittings, 3/8 in. 3-way ball valve, 3/8 in. check valve, 1/4 in. barbed inlet/outlet fittings, 1/4 in. 3-way ball valve, 1/4 in. check valve, Pipe thread tape


In-Situ - Flow Cell Base Plate (P/N: 0066830)

Base plate for the Low-Flow Cell.  (The base plate is shown in the picture at left underneath the notebook pad and flow cell).


In-Situ - Aqua TROLL Flow Cell  (P/N: 0066830)

Aqua TROLL Flow Cell.


In-Situ - Aqua TROLL Pelican Case  (P/N: 0066860)

Aqua TROLL Pelican Case (w/foam insert).

Please Note:  Picture at left is the Smart TROLL Pelican Case, which looks very similar to the Aqua TROLL Pelican Case.