Aqua TROLL 500/600 Low-Flow Sampling Kit (P/N: 0066820) - OVERVIEW
by In-Situ


Patented Flow Cell: Measuring just 130 mL, the Aqua TROLL Low-Flow cell is the smallest in the industry, reducing cycle time for faster sampling. The flow cell prevents sample oxygenation, with separate sample collection and backflow prevention valves and a tilted cell designed to shed bubbles.


  1. Flow cell
  2. Base Plate
  3. Flow cell stakes
  4. Instruction sheet
  5. Manual or QSG
  6. Fittings
      • 3/8 in. barbed inlet/outlet fittings
      • 3/8 in. 3-way ball valve
      • 3/8 in. check valve
      • 1/4 in. barbed inlet/outlet fittings
      • 1/4 in. 3-way ball valve
      • 1/4 in. check valve
      • Pipe thread tape