Rugged TROLL 100 Data Logger - OVERVIEW

Rugged TROLL 100 Data Logger - OVERVIEW
by In-Situ

 Non-vented (absolute) pressure measurements:

  • Available in pressure ranges up to 250 ft (76 m)
  • 2.62 cm (1.03 in.) diameter
  • 2MB of memory with 120,000 data sets and 360,000 data points
  • Suspension wire deployment
  • Titanium body with Delrin nose cone and back-end
  • 10-year internal battery
  • Download data via Rugged TROLL Docking Station
  • NIST calibration report
  • Minimize Project Costs: Economical water level logger is affordable on any budget, with titanium construction that outlasts coated stainless steel data loggers.
  • Zero Maintenance: Water level logger requires no desiccant, and batteries last 10+ years.
  • Simplify Set-up and Data Retrieval: Easily program and download data with the Rugged TROLL Docking Station (sold separately).