VuSitu Mobile App - OVERVIEW

VuSitu Mobile App - OVERVIEW
by In-Situ


  • Intuitive mobile app is an all-in-one software package that provides auto-configuration, simplified calibration, directed data analysis, and automated report creation
  • Wireless TROLL Com devices provide Bluetooth® communication between nearly all In-Situ instruments and your mobile device
  • View and record live readings for profiling and spot checks
  • Real-time results can be emailed from the field, logged to a mobile device, or exported on the spot
  • Site information can be consolidated on a mobile device, and data can be tagged with site photos and GPS coordinates
  • The VuSitu Mobile App is free to download in the Google® Play Store or the Apple® App Store
  • Pair VuSitu with the field-ready 7-Inch Rugged Android Tablet, featuring a built-in barcode scanner, for rapid input of sample and other barcoded information

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