Water Level Meter 100 - DESCRIPTION

Water Level Meter 100 - DESCRIPTION
by In-Situ

The In-Situ Water Level Meter 100 is an economic model of the Water Level Meter 200, with Kevlar-reinforced polyethylene tape and stainless steel conductors. This affordable water level tape offers long-lasting performance for well drillers, pump installers, and other service users.

With static and drawdown modes, the Water Level Meter 100 can take static level readings and then switch to drawdown mode to perform low-flow and pump tests. Additionally, the IP68-rated probe can be submerged at depths of up to 300 m (1,000 ft) to determine the bottom of the well.

  • Years of Accurate Use: High-strength tape reduces stretching, ensuring accurate readings over the lifetime of the meter. A corrosion-resistant probe and protected electronics prevent wear and tear. The built-in roller bar guards the tape against rough or jagged well casings.
  • Reduces the Amount of Equipment Needed: With the switch of a button you can use the same meter for static and drawdown modes, so you’ll always have the right tool for the job.
  • Helps You Finish Projects Faster: The integrated well hanger and roller bar save time and money by both protecting the tape and speeding up deployment. Flexible tape winds smoothly onto the reel and does not stick to wet surfaces or well casings, and the vinyl-coated carrying handle is ergonomically designed for easy tape rewinding.