QUICK-FIT Pressure Adaptor Sets (P/N: IO620-NPT, -BSP, -MET) - OVERVIEW
by Druck

Pressure test point adaptor sets connect the Quick-Fit pressure ports to various GE Druck portable instruments and/or accessories, and allows for an easy connection to the device under test.  The pressure adaptors are available in 3 “flavors” as follows:

  1. P/N IO620-BSP: G1/8 male and G¼ male, G¼ female, G3/8 female and G½ female
  2. P/N IO620-NPT: 1/8” male and ¼”male, ¼” female, 3/8” female, and ½” female
  3. P/N IO620-MET: 14 mm and 20 mm female
Features and Benefits

Making a leak-tight pressure connection in the field is inevitably frustrating. These Pressure Adaptor Sets use GE Druck's quick-to-fit adaptor system has a number of advantages over conventional methods:

  • Leak tight
  • Quick and simple to fit
  • No tools or sealing are required and connections are leak free.
  • Damaged adaptors are very simply replaced and there’s no repair downtime.
  • Proven to significantly reduce set-up time.
The NPT Pressure Adapter Set is an accessory with the products below:
  • GE Druck MC620G / MC620IS Pressure Modular Carrier
  • GE Druck PV621G, PV622G, and PV623G Pressure Stations / GE Druck PV621IS, PV622IS, and PV623IS Pressure Stations
  • DPI611 Series and DPI612 Series Portable Pressure Calibrators
  • Dirt Moisture traps:  IO620-IDT621 and IO620-622
  • GE Druck Hydraulic / Pneumatic Hose Kits
  • And Future Products as well !!